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TODO: need to hour HOURS,  how many PEOPLE, how many HOURS, what EQUIPEMENT AND TOOLS are needed, and WHO is doing it

TODO: need to add subtasks and detail

TODO: This is taken directly from the "Buildings and Grounds.doc" from the 2006 documents here:

TODO: This has begun to be  updated for 2009.

Pod Leader: Ben Lewry

Co-Leader: Doug Ruuska

Task List, with WHERE

  • Reno - TRUCK - Get truck from Penske. Take out for a shakedown run and determine if there are any problems with the vehicle, preferably BEFORE everything is loaded onto it! Check the fluids, tires, etc. Make sure that the camp tool kit is accessible after being stowed with all of the gear.
  • Reno - SCAFFOLDING - If getting scaffolding. Go talk to scaffolding company. This is the first thing to load onto the truck as it is good to get the weight up in the front and for stability of load, the bundled staging components can be metal strapped to the steel crash wall separating the cab from the bed.
  • Reno - WATER - This will be the heaviest item on the initial run, 10, 50-gallon water barrels at 420-lbs/ea. gives us 4,200-lbs of water and barrels. It is a good idea to load this partly over the rear axle of the truck and to make sure that the load is distributed evenly, ie NOT all of the barrels on the right-hand side. If we are not getting any scaffolding, then all of the water can be loaded towards the front of the truck.
  • Reno - STORAGE LOCKER - Unload storage locker and begin loading truck for the initial Playa run.                                             With Scaffolding: Not everything can, or will, go on this trip, but the essentials to setup camp should certainly be on this load; all of the construction materials, tarps, PVC pipe, rope, tie-downs, basic kitchen, tools etc. Most of the coolers will be left behind so that they can be filled with food and ice during the Food Pod shopping spree. The large couches may be left for the second trip as well. Read the note, if any left behind by last years stragglers and be sure to take pictures!                                                                            Without Scaffolding: If we are not getting and transporting scaffolding, then everything CAN fit on the truck. The only difference being with the truck NOT returning to reno on Saturday, the Food Pod folks will need a correspondingly larger vehicle to transport all of the coolers and people and gear in.
  • Reno - TWIN CITY RUN - Possible source for water, camo netting and anything else we may need. Good for some personal outfitting as well.
  • Reno - EARLY CREW FOOD - Procure enough liquor, food and ice to feed 5 hard working, hungry fools for 3-days with plenty of extra. Friday is traditionally a big celebratory meal of fish, steak and CBC beer!
  • Reno - HOME DESPOT RUN - Well, sheeit, what did we forget? Rope, 2x4s, batteries, whatever, stock up now.
  • Reno - FUEL - With Village Diesel Genny: Top up diesel tanks on truck and fill some gas cans to get us throught he first few days on small generators with some spare fuel in case the main genny goes down, or we need it at the end. Fill Yellow diesel cans with fuel for the Village Genny as well.                                                                                                                                  Without Village Genny: No need to get any diesel other than what goes in the truck. Fill ALL of the gas cans available with fuel for the gennies, 40-50-Gals. ought to do the trick. If we have extra it can be gifted to folks who help us out, such as for Blake's art car, etc. 
  • Playa1 - WE'RE HERE! - Pull in, find placer, setup tents, string out camp, unload truck. The purpose of stringing out the camp firsty is 2-fold; 1) Now we know where all of the structures shall be and 2) Now we know where to put what so that it will be near its final home and will not be in the way of construction. Nothing more crappy than having to move everything  1 or 2 extra times.
  • Playa1 - INITIAL SHADE - Set up the initial shade structure. This usually turms out to be the kitchen, it is smaller and easier to handle with a small crew and it warms the heart of the resident kitchen goddess when it happens to be the first thing she sees in camp upon her arrival!
  • Playa1 - BOSTON TRUCK - Unload what we can of containers so's that we can get to the beer and tools.
  • Playa1 - EAT WELL -, Friday night FEED for the early sufferers. 
  • Playa1 - WELCOME - Welcome the people who will do the rest of the work.
  • Playa1 - BACK TO RENO - If applicable. Driver back to Reno for 2nd truck run for food, couches miscellany, passengers.

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